What will take place to my buddy with anorexia?

Query by Arrrgghh: What will take place to my pal with anorexia?
My friend is approximately 4’11” and only ninety five lbs and she is only eating 800 energy a day, and then goes to the gym for two hrs so her net calorie intake for the working day is roughly 200. She requires vitamins since she thinks it will place off hair loss. What is heading to happen to her?
She is frightened to loss of life that her dad and mom will uncover out, so asking them for support is a no.

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Answer by Giggles-for-life
By undereating and overexercising, she is putting her human body in a lot of risk. Our bodies require so numerous energy a working day (generally about 1200) just to survive. If we take in beneath this volume, it can be unsafe. Your good friend will start off feeling really exhausted and sick all of the time, she will be cold, her hair and nails will become dry and dull, and she will really feel dizzy a whole lot. Her metabolic rate will in fact slow down as effectively, since the human body wants to conserve strength. She could lose her periods (if she receives them), and her bones will become weak and when she’s more mature, she could get osteoporosis. Her body will sooner or later start off ingesting absent at her muscles, like the coronary heart muscle mass. Her organs could fall short or she could go into cardiac arrest, and could in the long run die.

Anorexia is a really harmful illness, but the good news is, restoration is achievable, I truly hope your friend receives some help before it really is as well late.

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  1. She will go into starvation mode, becoming moody, weak, lethargic especially for her petitte frame . At the moment she might be thinking she is doing the right thing but in reality she should be thinking how much damage she could be doing to herself on the inside. Tell your friend if she could possibly go and speak to a nutritionist or physician first before continuing this ugly battle with this eating disorder. Remind her that no one should starve themselves.

  2. People with such kind of illness are having unbelievable dream for themselves, despite their success in life, they always felt there was something missing, per say they saw the world is purely black and white, all have good or a bad , success or otherwise frustrated, fat or skinny. She should consider visiting her psychiatrist then before her parents will find out.