What would you advise for fast, but secure hair expansion?

Query by Pat: What would you advocate for fast, but protected hair development?
I am a teenage male, and I’m not dropping hair, but I want longer hair and it is taking forever to do so. Is their a shampoo or one more item I could purchase, or do you have any guidelines for hair expansion? Many thanks!

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Reply by j.m.
Consider a flax seed dietary supplement. It will support with hair and nails. You can choose it up in your breakfast or baking aisle and sprinkle more than cereal or oatmeal or even in the vitamin area as a everyday pill.

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  1. Try these pills called GNC Biotin 2500. They supports healthy hair, skin, and nails. But I must warn you that they will make the hair on your legs grow back really fast after you shave.
    I hope this has helped you.