25 thoughts on “What You Can Expect While Expanding Back A Bald Location -Alopecia Treatment method

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  2. @ newcheveu I will do some regimen tutorials, so you would like to see how
    I stopped the shedding? I will start with those.

  3. Also can u tell me exactly how to use the onion. Do I just take a piece of
    onion and rub it on the bald spots? And if so then for how long

  4. Hi howconnie. My bald spots got wider over the past week or so. I noticed
    all the soft new hair growth fell out! My scars have also extended and
    today I experienced a stiff-feeling in the problem areas of my scalp. It
    was on fire! I used essential oils to cool the inflammation. Please let me
    know the not so good things that happened along the way. Thx and God bless.

  5. I had a good deal of what I thought was stimulation, but I didnt notice
    much difference. It actually seems like a lot of my hair has been falling
    out now. I know you said that some of this was to be expected, but I feel
    like Im losing quite a bit of hair, so of course, I stopped using the
    onion. How much hair did you shed?

  6. I had a bald patch so it lead me to shave all of my hair back so that it’ll
    all grow back the same. strangely that didn’t happen, the rest of my hair
    is curly while the hair that Is growing back from the bald spot in super
    straight & silky. i’m very confused. can someone help?

  7. I have bold spots from pullin my hair out I have a disorder of hair pulling
    now I stopped an I wanna regrowy bold slots so just us onions ?

  8. I looked at the video and couldn’t see the butter. Could you tell me me
    where you saw it and I will provide the recipe or the maker. I make my own
    stuff, and use other peoples butters too.

  9. Yeah, do some tutorials on your regimen. I’m experiencing lots of shedding.
    I don’t know how to make it stop.

  10. Hi I have bald patch for a about year. I do not have much breakage but a
    lot of shredding. My hair is growing but the back is weak and one side is
    not growing. I do not want to cut my hair again.

  11. When I was going bald I had massive amounts of shedding. Do you like
    garlic? because eating garlic seems to make a big difference if the
    shedding is hormonal.

  12. Love the smell and how Argan Life Shampoo cleans my hair without stripping
    it. All natural, great product. Has definitely helped my hair recover from
    a year of stress and it’s growing in thicker now.

  13. Great that you followed your instincts, sorry it didn’t work for you. I
    used to shed what look like heads of hair, but it didn’t increase when I
    started using onions.

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