whats a very good shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair?

Issue by Haylee: whats a good shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair?
I dyed my hair a few instances just before but the coloration fades absent so rapidly. Also my hair is commencing to fall out a lot more and getting thinner. I Consider which is due to the fact of dyeing my hair but it could also just be since my hair is acquiring really extended. Its probably both. If you men know of any Inexpensive shampoo and conditioner for hair decline and/or colour therapy please allow me know. Thanks!

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Answer by Tori
Umm consider garneir fructis coloration defend.

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  1. LiveLaughLove

    One really good shampoo/conditioner combo that is really good for color treatment is Suave Professionals color care, salon proven. One of the scents it comes in is black raspberry and white tea, which smells great! Because Suave is a cheaper brand, obviously, the shampoo and conditioner is cheaper! Seriously consider getting it! It works for dyed hair color treatment, it smells great, and is affordable! What’s not to like? Hope I helped and best of luck! p.s. a great place to buy this for a good price is Walmart!

    Here is a link: http://www.suave.com/products/Professionals/Shampoo-Conditioner/ColorProtection.aspx#/products/Professionals/Shampoo-Conditioner/Black-Raspberry-and-White-Tea.aspx

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