Whats the best shampoo to improve hair decline for males?

Problem by shamruq: Whats the very best shampoo to boost hair loss for men?
I dont want to attempt rogaine or any products, cuz i observed you start shedding hair yet again when u halt utilizing them..

Greatest solution:

Answer by Lupin IV
I feel you indicate lessen hair reduction. Rogaine is the only one that truly functions but you have to take it for good.

If you truly want to boost hair reduction use Nair.

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  1. sirfartsalot82

    Save your money bro, I’ve tried everything, nothing works. Just get used to your hair falling out, I did.

  2. try Nioxin. They are sold in the ULTA stores. I got my hubby to try it cause he was loosing hair… and I personally used it after having baby cause my hair was shedding which I heard it was normal. So give it a try.

  3. tomcat72667

    dont try rogain! my uncle has spent a small fortune on that $ hit id dont work nor do i think any other would work! and im going bald my self!

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