when i was twelve i received alopecia areata, i havnt had it given that and was questioning did any1 else get it at the?

Concern by breaking_dawn16: when i was twelve i obtained alopecia areata, i havnt experienced it because and was wondering did any1 else get it at the?
very same age, and have you gotten it once again? i want to know my chances of it repeating! my hair appears wholesome and strong, but i am even now nervous about a repeat episode

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Reply by Melissa H
There is no way to decide your “probabilities.” Alopecia is so ridiculous and unpredictable that no two individuals are alike in their outbreaks. I received alopecia areata when I was eleven months aged and experienced patchy hair decline right up until I was about 6. Then when I was 9 the hair started falling out once more. By age eleven I had progressed to alopecia universalis (each and every hair in my physique was gone). It has been this way for about twenty five many years now with completely no regrowth. This is just my knowledge, and it really is in contrast to anyone else’s simply because of the mother nature of this situation. The only genuine treatment is to acknowledge who you are and not care what any person else thinks. I know that’s tough to do, but it is truthfully the only way to “conquer” alopecia. Considering that the physical symptoms are not existence-threatening your biggest problems are psychological, so which is what you will need to concentrate on.

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