Where can I get a mix folligen and emu oil-primarily based item to improve the condition of my hair?

Question by Jami N: Where can I get a mix folligen and emu oil-based solution to enhance the condition of my hair?
I am African-American and have chemically calm my hair with box remedies for many years. I have discovered that I do not get the very same final results with my chemical soothing that I once did in the earlier. My hair does not reply as commonly to conditioning merchandise that I as soon as employed and the relaxer does not last as extended as it once did. I have heard a lot about the goods folligen, I believe it is discovered in Minoxidil, and Emu oil as outstanding items to restore destroyed hair due to present day day styling techniques. I have not, however, witnessed a lot data on in excess of-the-counter products that contains them in addition to Minoxidil for hair loss and Super Strength Blue Emu Oil for joint and muscle ache. Are there any shops that carry these products like Walmart, Walgreen’s, or GNC?

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Answer by poetrydiva
I get emu items off ebay, you can also use “aussie hair insurance policy – depart in conditioner ” which contains aloe and castor oil, which is excellent for damamged hair, there are also issues you can do at home like olive oil treatment method 2 times a week, mayonaisse treatment method, several and most oils are fantastic for hair, even canola oil or vegetable oil, hope this aids !

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  1. Blanketyblank

    My hair is also relaxed & I’ve decided to give emu oil a shot myself. I just purchased the oil itself off ebay. Faintly smells like chicken.Extra virgin olive oil is excellent also. How are you applying your relaxers? No-lye relaxers are harder on the hair than lye relaxers & timing is very crucial w/ either type. If you’ve been using a no-lye relaxer I strongly recommend stretching your relaxer for about 8 weeks (so you’ll have about 1″ of new growth) & then ONLY touching up your roots w/ a lye relaxer. Be sure to base your scalp & try not to overprocess. You should never relax your entire head if a relaxer has been applied once before.Your hair right now could be overprocessed or underprocessed depending on how careful you are while self relaxing. Also your hair might be growing at a faster rate, that is why it may seem like you need another relaxer every time you turn around. If your hair is damaged & breaking I highly recommend Nexxus emergencee then following up w/ a moisturizing conditioner free of any proteins like nexxus humuctress, nectaress, or aphogee balancing moisturizer conditioner. You have to make sure that you follow up w/ a moisturizing conditioner w/ out protein otherwise your hair will be too hard from the protein & snap off. Don’t be scared though because it will dramatically improve the condition of your hair & cut down on the breakage. If you’re looking for something to make your hair grow faster I doubt anything will help you & I wouldn’t recommend using minoxidil unless you seriously have thinning hair. Lot’s of people have had success using a product called Shapley’s MTG on their scalps. It is an equine product that has sulfur in it. I’ve tried it myself & it’s alright, but it smells like bacon. If u decide to try it, be sure you don’t have any in your hair the week of your relaxer because your scalp will burn. I hope that helps some in your hair journey. If you’re trying to grow your hair long be VERY careful with it, keep it covered at night & try not to use heat styling tools more than 1x a week after you wash & be patient 🙂 Good luck!

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