Where can I get hair thickening shampoo; not hair loss treatment shampoo?

Question by Bill: Where can I get hair thickening shampoo; not hair loss treatment shampoo?
I’m looking for a good shampoo that will make my hair more voluminous and thicken the hairs that are in my head already. I’m not looking for any shampoos that contain hair-loss inhibiting or hair regrowth drugs… just something that will make the hair thicker and stronger.

Anyone have suggestions?
Thanks for the tips, Miissa. However, everything I’ve seen says that henna will also color your hair. I don’t want this.

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Answer by MiiSsa <3
Hm try HennA! its gross but it makes your hair thicker.

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  1. i wouldnt use henna it can be damaging tou your hair , once you use henna a hairstylist cannot colour your hair till all the henna is out of your hair . i suggest a lightweight gentle cleansing shampoo n conditioner something that wont weigh your hair down ,avoid conditioner on your roots and just apply to the ends , avoid pantene ,head n shoulders,and fructis as they coat the hair n weigh it down try loreal products , also invest in a dry shampoo use that on dry hair and spray on the roots , too add volume styling is important and styling products , try a thickening cream and blast the dryer all over your roots in different directions as this confuses the roots and creates volume . good luck!

  2. sorry, you are either born with thick hair or not
    mine is so thick you have no idea what you are asking
    there is nothing, nothing out there to make your hair thick

  3. chithrasandeep

    I would say not to use chemicals on your hair. Why don’t you go for some home remedies Egg whites, lemon juice, oil massages, reducing stress and diet changes can reduce hair fall and make it healthier.You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for hair loss as well as for healthy hair at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/hairfall.htm

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