which hair oil is control the hair reduction ,which shampoo is ideal for hair loss?

Issue by nalini s: which hair oil is control the hair loss ,which shampoo is best for hair decline?
any diet program supplements for the hair reduction

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chat to your stylist.

appear for breakage shampoos like organic essances “breaks over”

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  1. talk to your hairdresser.. and also think about talking to your docter.. as they maybe able to help as well

  2. Jeffrey B

    Been on minoxidil ( R0gaine® ) for about a year and a half and have not seen even the smallest amount of regrowth that i almost fell into depression.

    My hair only started visibly growing on the balding spot after attempting the various natural techniques to re-grow lost hair for about 1 week plus @ http://www.regrowmyhair.info

    I would highly recommend the website easy to follow step-by-step informative guide with pictures to anyone who is suffering from hair loss right now. But remember this isn’t a miracle cure for baldness as you will also need to put in some effort in order to see results. And its only a minimum commitment of 15 minutes a day to help re-grow your lost hair. ( Sorry that I can’t share the various natural techniques taught as i might be sued for copyright violation )

    I am also convinced that a natural approach is a much more safer way of re-growing lost hair compared to those unnatural ways which may involve harsh chemicals that may have serious side effects.

    These are the side effects of some common drugs for hair loss treatment :

    Minoxidil : Cause a fall in blood pressure, an increase in the heart rate, and weight gain (fluid retention)

    Propecia : May cause birth defects in male baby’s sex organs if taken by women. Also, potentially irreversible side effects occurring in the group of people taking the drug are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder (decreased volume of ejaculate) and low libido.