Which hair reduction product do you feel is finest?

Issue by raf: Which hair reduction merchandise do you feel is very best?
I am baffled about all these hair decline goods on the industry!I am hunting for something for guys that can support quit the frontal hair decline or assist it regrowth.Did you,men and women,uncover one particular that actually does the function?Thanks everyone.

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Solution by so_satisfied
Folligen Cream
Normal hair nutrient technique that aids hair expansion by enhancing the health of ruined scalp tissue. Finest suited for application to the frontal hair line or thinner regions of the scalp. Use the Folligen Lotion for thicker areas.

Folligen Cream aids hair health by strengthening the well being of broken scalp tissue this kind of as with seborrheic dermatitis or damage from tough chemical compounds, sunburn, and hair dryers. It is utilized to the scalp areas with thinning hair before bedtime, then shampooed off in the morning. Use of the item about 4 moments for every week is adequate to experience these benefits reported by happy consumers.
Best in age 25 to forty five group.
Hair shedding frequently stops inside of 1 thirty day period.
Some report hair re-development after about four months.
Hair shafts are often thicker.
Usually minimizes scalp swelling and seborrheic dermatitis.

Very best in age forty to 70 group.
Hair shedding often stops within 1 thirty day period.
Hair shafts are usually thicker.
Some report strong hair re-growth.

Folligen Cream is finest suited for software to the frontal hair line or thinner places of the scalp, for very best final results to thicker areas use the Folligen Lotion.


Hair regrowth therapy for gentlemen and women.


Rub it onto your scalp

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  1. glorius angel

    You can try this :

    You can also try DR. MIRACLE’S Temple & Nape Gro Balm

    Here are some of the custumers reviews i use some of dr miracles product Too and it does quite a good job:

    Customer Reviews
    Amazing Results 5/30/2007
    Reviewed by: Kymberly Grimes from Barbados.
    i tryed the hot oil sample in the store on my temple and it started to grow so my hair dresser told me try the temple bam instead and within to weeks my hair started to grow and i couldn”t believe cause i had this hair problem from time I was a kid and to know that i finally found a product that works it feels great now i dont have to wear my hair down to hide the hair line thamk you for bringing out a good product

    Finally, True Afro Hair Products for Afro Hair Women 5/14/2007
    Reviewed by: Gayle from Maryland.
    I have frequent dry, brittle hair, and hair loss due to Hypothroid. My biggest hair disappointment is other cultural businesses make a lot of money playing on the beautiful hair desires of African-American women while selling us junk in a jar OR fake hair; and other manufacs ignore us totally. Finally, a company that truely speaks to our specific hair needs. I”ve tried 2 products & will buy all of the products that address my specific “Afro-American” hair needs. Tks so much Dr. Miracles.

    wow! 4/4/2007
    Reviewed by: lola from st lucia.
    i just started using it a week ago and i see remarkable results

    for more info about dr miracles product check here:

    This product is for every body not only for Africans in case u are not!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!

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