which is the finest hospital for hair loss therapy?

Question by udayanan_do: which is the greatest hospital for hair reduction treatment?
can any one particular find me a very good clinic or well-known medical professional for hair reduction therapy?

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Response by pgrmwf n
A good skin doctor will do, but apart from hair transplant, there is certainly only two medications clinically examined and FDA approved : Minoxidil (Rogaine and other manufacturers) and Propecia (Proscar, Finasteride, and many others.), there are some intriguing medication too like Dutasteride or Follica but there are not enough research however.

If you happen to be into organic things, the only one particular that may well be valuable is Noticed Palmeto (there are capsules for sale in all-natural stores) due to the fact it consists of anti androgens related to the kinds discovered on Propecia.

Quite frankly all the other stuff are possibly placebos or frauds.

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