Which is the greatest nutritional supplement or vitamin known for significant females hair loss?

Issue by Sunshine22: Which is the ideal dietary health supplement or vitamin identified for serious females hair loss?
I am very young, not even eighteen, and i’ve previously tried out several hair loss remedies without having outcome.. Can you advise any?

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Answer by Shalini
Have you attempted Provillus, yet? If not, you can return it within ninety times if it does not function, but it is most likely that it does. http://hairloss.tk

Just take a very good hard search at exterior variables. I know that you if you consider also a lot of nutritional vitamins (like eating Flinstones like sweet) it can cause hair reduction, as well.

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  1. You should take plenty of green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, honey, cereals, nuts, grains, milk products, and no
    cholesterol-rich food in your diet. Eat fish if non-vegetarian or else take soybeans, and raw vegetable salads. Good balanced diet keeps your skin and hair healthy. Check out http://usefulinfo-hairloss.blogspot.com/ for more info.

  2. Mad Hatter

    If your hair loss is post a pregnancy or illness, you will see that it is usually temporary. There are a ton of different things you can try out there. In my resource box is where I learned about it all.

  3. HealthyLiving

    Some of my friends your age had a lot of sudden hair loss, but it came back on its own. It seems to be not that unusual. It could be stress or hormones.

    If it were me, I would have my hormones tested to see if something unusual is going on. A general doctor can do these tests, but an Endocrinologist will know more about it.

    I would also call Dr. Bob Marshall’s radio show and get his opinion. You can call after the show if you to not want to be on the air. He is knowledgeable about things like this. Here is his website:


    You can take supplements to make your hair grow faster. BioSil (or JarrowSil) is good. So is calcium.

    And you can use a detergent-free shampoo, like Aubrey Organics.