Who need to I see about my hair reduction?

Question by …: Who should I see about my hair decline?
The middle of my hair line has a spherical bald spot and I am scared I’m likely bald (I’m twenty). My hair isn’t going to seem to be thinning since I’ve experimented with the “pull examination” that I have read doctors do and no hair seems to come out when I pull. Ought to I go proper to a dermatologist or must I see my GP? I truly feel like going to my GP would be a waste because he most likely isn’t going to have as comprehensive understanding of male sample baldness as a skin doctor does.

What do you fellas believe I must do?
I must include that my hair is really thick, my hair line is just screwed up.

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Response by Kaitlinn B
That transpired to me and im only fifteen.
and my hair is normally thinnnn!
See yrr medical professional.

and go to yrr regional vitamin retailer and get this type referred to as Ultra HAIR.
I use them and they work nicely.

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