why a kid of 3 years is loosing hairs from her head?

Issue by Chandrashekhar: why a kid of three years is loosing hairs from her head?
my brothers daughter is three many years previous and she is loosing her hair fromhead. i have consullted to a medical professional and he has offered medication and is nonetheless her dilemma is not solved and her complete head is receiving bald. please i am genuinely experience very bad. any one significantly being aware of about this difficulty, enable mme know.

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Reply by Ray Family members
Prior to YOU DO THIS Inquire A Medical doctor Severely!!!! But when I was a infant I had soooo minor hair. Probably her hair is actually slim, but in Asia, to make a infant get their full head of hair we would shave their head completely and wait for it to expand back again but I’m not positive this will operate in your circumstance…

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