WHY AM I Having HAIR Reduction?

Question by ♥ minor mermaid ♥: WHY AM I Obtaining HAIR Decline?
IM Obtaining A OT OF HAIR Decline AND ITS Commencing TO SCARE ME.. I HAVE Thin HAIR, I Clean MY HAIR Each and every TWO Times BUT IT JUST FALLS IN CLUMPS? Anyone KNOW WHAT Vitamins TO Just take OR WHAT ITS Caused BY? I WANT THICK HAIR AND FOR IT NOT TO Fall OUT SO A lot.

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Answer by anonnn
your outdated

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  1. If you are on a diet, lacking protein, or something, that may be the cause

  2. Go to the doctor. It might be a medical condition causing this. It could be Alopecia.

  3. umm i don’t know what vitamins to take but it’s possible that you are allergic to hair. One of my friends are allergic to her own hair and she now weres a wig and pencils in her eye brows. it’s sad that she’s only 14 years old. but its possible.

    sorry if that scared you.

  4. probably your hair is delicate and some products you put on your hair affects it.

  5. how old are you??? no vitamin can help this you need antibiotics

  6. kingz.david

    If you are stressed that will be the main cause.
    people who are stressed tend to lose a lot of hair.
    If you would like to get recommended vitamins for you’re hair loss i would recommend to see you’re doctor.
    Another thing might be what type(s) of shampoos you use.
    Good Luck with this =]

  7. I have no idea but it sounds pretty serious. Go to a doctor VERY soon. You don’t want it to get too serious.

  8. Your either old.
    Your lacking your vitamins.
    Or your stressed.
    Or you might have a disease called allopetia.

  9. krissy_babes88

    you need to make sure your getting your daily vitamins, take a multivitamin, you can also get the hair and nails vitamin.

    get a mint based shampoo like bioinfusion rosemary mint or c.booth mint shampoo, the mint stimulates the hair follicles and will help regrow hair and make it longer.

    use the hair thickening serum(actual name yes) green bottle, the copolymer helps thicken hair instantly, use it on damp hair you will notice the difference in thickness immediately,

    these are both availble at walgreens for about $ 6 each.