Why are my cats eyes like this? Is there something incorrect with her?

Concern by jame koa: Why are my cats eyes like this? Is there some thing mistaken with her?
I have a fifty percent siamese cat and her eyes are a quite dim deep blue colour. As opposed to my other cats (not siamese) her pupil will not modify dimensions really a lot. Its always the exact same dimensions. Also, her iris seems like it is manufactured of h2o…hard to clarify but its like the iris is often moving or flowing.

Is it something to do with psychological wellness simply because my cat has always appeared a little bit bonkers to me. She experienced psychogenic alopecia for a even though.

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Answer by Chelsea FC
You would need to see a vet to be confident.
I can notify you my siamese’s eyes are similar. Her pupils are typically huge/spherical and don’t alter a good deal in gentle. I do not know if it’s a siamese factor.

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