Why are my eyelashes falling out ?

Issue by Sami: Why are my eyelashes slipping out ?
i rubbed my eye and virtually all my eyelashes fell out, im fifteen and i will not use make up, can somebody aid me Remember to !

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Response by muderick
You could be subconsciously pulling them out, it could be a thyroid issue, alopecia areata, an allergy to mascara, often they just drop out more rapidly than typical but are replaced at their regular charge. The most frequent cause is inflammation of the eyelid due to the fact of an infection, trauma or an allergy.

The good information is that until you have alopecia, they need to develop again fine. Observe what you are washing your eyes with and any creams that could occur into speak to with your eyes.

You will uncover very a little bit about expanding your eyelashes back at the site under.

Very good luck, will not worry, and if you are actually concerned go and see your doctor.

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