Why are strands of my hair coming out?

Query by Liv: Why are strands of my hair coming out?
I have tremendous thick curly hair… and I do confess I use waayyy also a lot warmth on it but my hair is normally fantastic. But I just realized a couple of times ago my hair is coming out like nuts. Like when I run my hands by means of my hair about 3-6 parts appear out. WTF is incorrect.. am I obtaining alopecia or some thing cuz i Do NOT want that.

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Answer by Nanah
Hair sheds. It sheds a great deal because the follicles want to regenerate new, healthier hair. Or possibly the heat is catching up with you and your hair is starting up to die. Try minimizing how a lot warmth you use on it, consider and handle any stress in your life(One more trigger of hair slipping out), and just brush it out each number of hrs to get all the dead hairs out.

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