Why could I have stopped having my durations?

Issue by Faith: Why could I have stopped getting my intervals?
I’m a twenty yr old lady. I have skipped a few intervals currently and really feel I am about to overlook a 4th. I have been examined for being pregnant and I am not. I believe it might be because of to all the stressing out that I have been carrying out using a toll on my physique but I am not optimistic. Coulld there be another purpose? I am instead involved as this has never ever took place to me.

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Response by K
it could be from stress or from anything mistaken with your ovaries. also you need a specific share of physique body fat to be capable to menstruate. you should go to your medical doctor.

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  1. Stress could be a very good contributing factor. But it would take a lot. And have you been eating? Not eating causes missed periods if you skip eating enough.

  2. yeah if youve lost a lot of weight or are currently under weight then that would cause it stop. and mental strain can have negative effects on the body, i would take a break from work or school and spend a few days of relaxation and calming and taking the time to do all the nonessentials that you want to do. besides that check up with your doctor

  3. There’s quite a few reasons why a women would miss her period.

    First of all, I would get another pregnancy test done just to be sure. Four months is quite an extension for missing your cycle. You could have tested to early or, if it was a store bought test, it possibly read it wrong. Once that’s out of the way and if it wasn’t the test, then you should look at other possibilities.

    Another is, as you stated, the amount of stress your under. It can cause you to stop ovulating under the circumstances. Also, rapid weight loss or weight gain can also be attributes.

    The simplest answer is that you just aren’t ovulating and your estrogen is far to low. The most serious case you can get is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS). It’s a disease where the women doesn’t ovulate for months after a period and can cause the women to have difficulties in child birth, producing eggs, and creating the female hormone that causes your menstrual cycle, estrogen. Missed period is a cue sign that your body is going through this, especially if it’s been for four months. I suffer from the same thing and missing my period for months was the sign that sent warning signals to my body. Other signs of POCS include weight gain, increased body hair, acne, and even cysts on your ovaries which could cause them to be removed or surgically off.

    I would highly suggest seeing your OBGYN as soon as you can. If it is POCS, then you will be given treatment as soon as possible. If not, then do little things that can reduce the stress in your body such as a warm bath (The heat stimulates your body to ovulate quicker), relaxation, messages, or yoga to move your body around more and relax your lower body muscles.

  4. curious♠me

    Are you underweight? If you don’t know, use a BMI calculator online. This condition is called amenorrhea, missing periods for at least three months. If you do have amenorrhea, then that is harmful to your bones. Women should always have a high level of calcium intake. Go see a doctor.