Why do I expertise hair loss following I cheat only a single working day on my minimal carb diet regime?

Issue by ELN: Why do I experience hair decline immediately after I cheat only one particular working day on my very low carb diet program?
I usually take in about 35 carbohydrates a day and exercise about four-five times a month. The following day immediately after I cheat on my reduced carb diet regime why I do expertise a lot of hair loss, even my husband notices the hair almost everywhere.

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Answer by Goddess Hectate Assist Me You should!
Do you have PCOS?

Women w/ PCOS have hair reduction and are meant to try to eat minimal carb

Maybe if you have gluten intolerance or something — see a doctor

If you have to cheat try to eat brown rice and whole grain breads

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  1. you are just noticing it more, low carb diets don’t cause hair loss.

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