Why do I have this bald spot correct underneath my chin?

Issue by Austin Melvin: Why do I have this bald place right below my chin?
I am eighteen and I can expand hair all over the place on my face, but there is a bald spot appropriate below my chin in a circle. A minor hair grows there so it really is not properly bald, but it’s not much hair. My father appearently experienced this issue, or some thing comparable to it, and it eventually grew out. I just will not know why hair grows just about everywhere but this circle.

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Reply by Liew Sunlight
Might be Alopecia Areata Barbae(Spot BALDNESS). It is an autoimmune ailment that triggers bald place that can spread to the whole scalp and sometimes even the whole body. Tension has been identified to be the primary trigger.

For a commence you can examine with the pictures in www.curespotbaldness.com. Adhering to this, a skin biopsy should be carried out by a skilled health-related medical doctor or a skin doctor. This is the best way to diagnose and confirm. It will show any abnormal concentration of T-cells (immune cells) at the afflicted area.

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