Why do some womans hair start off to skinny out?

Query by Butterfly kisses: Why do some womans hair start to thin out?
What is the ideal way for your hair to grow back again thicker and more powerful than ever?

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Reply by shell_lh
Normally it’s due to hormone fluctuations. Which you can have at any age, not just menopause. But it could also be from a super inadequate diet regime. Go to the doctor.

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  1. airforcebunny

    Age, heredity, and illness all contribute to hair probles. Best way to aid it is to have nutritious meals and take vitamins if you can. Also a good shampoo and condition goes a long way also.

  2. anonymous4228

    Don’t know but i do know that your hair can start to thin when you’ve got a thyroid prob. I had that hair thinning prob. but then it stopped when my DR. per scribed me medicine.

  3. Most of the time it’s an internal thing, such as hormones or genetics. It can be from stress, medications or products. Start by adding a multivitamin then add 2000 mg of calcium starting with 500 mg doses and slowly add on. Iron is important too for healthy red blood cells but tends to be harsh on the system. Try alfalfa pills as long as you’re not allergic to ragweed. Try a scalp massage with vitamin e oil. Make sure it’s not your products. See a hairstylist for the best products and hands on advice.

  4. Start going to a trichologist [hair specialist] and treat your hair… also they would perform trichology to figure out why it is your hair is breaking and what it is you’re doing wrong.. happens for different reasons; stress; not eating properly; weight gain or loss; after effect of some surgery or pregnancy. Most times it’s stress. The treatments they give are high in protein and work miracles… I treat mine becuase it was falling out due to stress.
    Also you can use the vitamins[pills] Pantogar & Perfecture. Their active ingredient is keratin… this controls hair and nail growth. These pills help hair grow thicker and stronger.
    It also depends what you’re doing to your hair… products you use and combing habits. you should be deep conditioning your hair for yourself too.
    A bad habit is washing your hair everyday. You’re not supposed to because it takes away all the essential oils in ur hair and makes it weak.

  5. Christine

    I dont know exactly how to spell it but-anerexia. Anerexia is a disease as you know, that is verry dangerous. Once you don’t eat, or throw up your food and get addicted to that, you will get skinny-dangerously skinny. Because you don’t eat, you don’t get protein. Hair is dead protein cells….when you have no protein, you have no hair.

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