Why does God loathe bald individuals?

Query by Peeledseal: Why does God detest bald men and women?
Isaiah 46:3b/4a promises God will take care of you until you are previous and your hair is gray.

What about bald individuals?Why will not likely he just take treatment of them?What about people with diseases that trigger hair loss like Alopecia or Hypothyroidism?What about individuals who have chemotherapy,they cop a double whammy,1st he provides them most cancers then the treatment method makes them bald so he won’t search right after them once again.What about men and women like redheads whose hair in fact goes white instead of grey?What about men and women who dye their hair to avoid it getting gray,is this a sin?

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Response by Spunky The Metaphysical
God will help those who aid on their own. Which is why he created the Hair Club For Gentlemen.

Not confident what bald girls are meant to do. Guess they’re just screwed.

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