Why does my 9 calendar year outdated sister drop a whole lot of hair?

Issue by Zenny: Why does my 9 yr old sister lose a whole lot of hair?
She just turned 9 just lately and she has been shedding a great deal of hair for the earlier so months. When she combs here hair, requires a shower, puts it up. Pretty much all the time. My mother and I are starting to get truly concerned, we are also considering about getting her to the physician. If anybody might know the explanation why that is happening, please react. Thank you.
She does drop a good deal of hair but does not have bald spots. When she normally takes showers is when she loses the most hair. SHe use to have a great deal a whole lot of hair and now she almost 50 % of what she had.

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Answer by breezyy f child!
she might have aelopecia (sp?).

consider google-ing that and see if it’s what’s happening to her.

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