Why does my hair occur out so significantly when I comb it?

Concern by Sarah: Why does my hair appear out so considerably when I comb it?
So I have not washed my hair in about three weeks now (don’t question, long story lol) and when I comb it you will find often this rather large clump of hair on the comb. I have incredibly thick hair so I am not worried about thinning. But why is this going on? I straighten it as soon as every two months by the way, sometimes far more. Many thanks!

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Reply by ♥XEillieX♥
Its since you have not washed it.
Hair falls ot all the time around eighty/90 a working day is normal.
But if its large chunks and you get bald places, or thinning see a medical doctor.

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  1. Sur La Mer

    This is WHY.

    The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’. Mechanical, chemical, or thermal styling. Hair straighteners and relaxers top the hair products pose the greatest risks. Hair relaxers, related products marketed heavily to African-American women, are dangerous because they may contain powerful chemicals such as lye, a toxic substance also used in drain cleaners.

    So didn’t you say you: STRAIGHTEN it once every 2 week.

    ALL HAIR STRAIGHTENERS, no matter what brand, who sells them, how much you paid for them, ALL damage the hair. I’ve responded to many girls under 15, experienced in hair falls 7 in 2 hours, 9-3-10, (before school started) 4 in 1hour 3-5-11 alone. 3 in 1hr. 8-8-11, 6 in 15 mins. 11-10-11. It’s a billion dollar business, to sell products but they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss, due to ‘abuse’. Hair protectant does not protect hair 100%. Like sunscreen, you still get sunburned. Same with hair. BTW: A variety of hair-straightening products used in professional salons can expose both hairdressers and their customers to formaldehyde. The results show that three professional hair-smoothing treatments labeled “formaldehyde free” can produce the cancer-causing chemical at concentrations above the occupational exposure limits set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They tested four products: Coppola Keratin Complex Blonde Formula, Global Keratin Juvexin Optimized Functional Keratin, La Brasiliana Escluso Keratin Treatment with Collagen, and Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution. While ChemRisk tested four popular brands of hair straighteners, there are hundreds on the market. Nov. 11-11

    Example 1:
    I have medium-long brown hair. And when I was in 6th grade I had natural curly hair, but when I found out about hair straighteners I have been doing that almost every day since then. I am currently in 8th grade. And my hair is so so damaged and I want to save my hair and start wearing it natural again! But it’s really frizzy and damaged that it looks bad. I tried using Wen Cleansing Conditioner. But I had to stop because it’s expensive. I want to save my hair before it falls off. If you know any good shampoos or remedies that would help!

    Example 2: My hairs falling out,i have long hair and used to straighten it and have now stopped recently but my hair stil falls out,please help with some tips or remedies

    Example 3: i straighten my hair so much….everytime i wash it i use the hair straightening iron on them but m hair has become really weak and i’m also suffering from hair loss now…
    I’ve stopped pressing my hair further but what else should i do SAVE my hair and repair the damage??

    Example 4:
    I don’t hate my hair or anything…it’s just not what I would like it to be. It sticks up sometimes in places and is damaged from my Chi straightener. I have been using protection the past few months on my hair and have also started using Tresemme Thermal Recovery shampoo and conditioner. I also spray Chi Iron Guard on my hair before I start straightening. It’s helped, but I want to find other ways to get my hair shinier and softer too. My hair sometimes feels rough, not really terribly coarse or hard or anything that bad but I want it smooth and soft. Help mee!

    Example 5:
    My hair started falling out like ALL the time. and know whenever I even run my fingers through my hair, like 10 strands fall out. What shampoos are good foor preventing the hair fall? Oh, and I also used to straighten my hair all the time. Does that have anything to do with it?
    Another example: I always straighten my hair and occasionally curl it, but my hair is a little dry and it’s pretty damaged, so I’m thinking about shaving it so i could have the nice healthy hair I used to have? So would it be a great idea to shave it?

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