Why has my facial hair grow to be thinner / stopped expanding?

Query by Danni: Why has my facial hair turn into thinner / stopped increasing?
I have noticed a small region of my facial hair is thinning or stopped growing. This has never occurred to me prior to and I have no known health or pores and skin problems. A modest area of stubble underneath my bottom lip has turn into thinner above the final few of weeks with hairless elements around individual hairs. This is creating my stubble look uneven and unpleasant. Does anyone know what may well be occurring to me?

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Answer by ☆ΜαΣϰιντολογιςτ☆
Not each and every question is acceptable and successful for Yahoo! Answer and yours is 1 of them.

There are numerous things that can attribute it. All you will get is guesswork, but what is the stage in that? It could be alopecia. It could be malnutrition. It could be some lifestyle modify.

Your description is obscure at ideal.

No one can properly diagnose your facial hair situation via cyberspace. Any advice you get right here is will never ever on par with that of a real medical professional. If you want medical suggestions, then Yahoo! Response is the very last place you want to go and request your query. If it is urgent, then you need to not even hassle putting up the question in the first area. The trade-off is massive: a doctor vs . a whole random stranger with no expertise of your healthcare history and sexual background (and it is not wise to share these kinds of info in any case). No truthful person will explain to you that s/he is aware exactly what you have and give you the proper treatment method protocol. That is what you call wishful considering. If you do not know, then no a single listed here is aware of, both.

Bottom Line: Make sure you see a board-certified skin doctor to get an correct diagnosis.

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