why i have alopecia when i use head and shoulders?

Problem by resppina.roniya: why i have alopecia when i use head and shoulders?
its normal or not
i myself assume that it wont continues if i use it for many moments but what if i use this and i grow to be worse!!!!!
if you had this difficulty at the time when you modified your shampoo inform me.

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Reply by naturalhair88
You need to spend consideration to your diet regime. Lack of proteins and vitamin B6 usually aggravates hair fall. Plus the deodorant you use ought to be cost-free of chemical compounds because numerous deodorants have led and other chemical substances which shut the pores and the physique is not capable
e to get rid of poisons and these poisons in the method develop acidity and weaken hair follicles. Do seem at a site www.ziravie.com which has a chart of fruits and greens which is a fantastic support for hair growth in addition there are motives for hair drop described.
For long term answer you need to hydrate the scalp and look for inside nourishment so as to strengthen hair follicles. A good oil therapeutic massage on standard foundation will do entire world of great and right after oiling implement egg yolk and yoghurt combined with each other which has to be 15 minutes ahead of shampoo or if you discover this messy appear for a hair lotion Ziravie which has extracts of herbs, fruits and essential oil which when employed a few occasions a week for at least 6 weeks will aid you to get rid of split ends.
It is accessible in Spain but now it is also accessible on ebay.co.united kingdom under the ID of hair-treatment method

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