Why is my cat loosing her fur?

Query by babyface_1218: Why is my cat loosing her fur?
My 5 yr old woman cat is loosing fur on her back again by her tail location. I only discovered it this week, but in the past I have observed clumps of fur around the home and thought it was shedding. Also I may possibly add that we have experienced a new kitten be part of the loved ones six months back. He is constantly going soon after the woman cat and attacks her. She hisses and growls at him consistently. They the two have been indoor cats, but not too long ago they have began heading exterior. Could her hair decline be caused by him pouncing on her all the time and the stress it triggers her, or is it a healthcare issue in which I need to see a vet?

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Answer by tharnpfeffa
I would say anxiety.

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