Why is my dog lacking a patch of fur?

Question by Taco: Why is my puppy missing a patch of fur?
About 1-2 yrs in the past i seen my puppy was missing fur on her again. It wasn’t pink or irritated, she wasn’t scratching at it, it plainly did not damage or seem to be to bother her at all. I took her to the vet and they did a skin take a look at, and it came back again adverse. Up until finally now the fur hasn’t grown back again, but the patch of lacking fur has not gotten any larger or anything. But recently i observed a smaller sized patch of hair thinning out following to the authentic one particular. Does any person know what it might be?

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Response by Adia
My dog has a lacking route of fur on his again also.
It’s tension.
Try out to perform, commit more time, or just leave her by itself for a although.
See the problem every single after and a even though.

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