why is my hair falling out?

Question by Ryan: why is my hair falling out?
for about 3 months now I’ve noticed alot of my hair falling out in the shower, and its also all over my pillow/bed. I really dont think this is normal, Im only 19 years old. my hair is still thick I just hate my hair being everywhere. could it be teenage hormones and stress or am i balding. god i hope im not going bald. one of my uncles and my grandpa is bald and thats the only 2 people in my entire family.

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Answer by ɐuuɐǝɹq
oh lucky you….you got the balding gene 🙂 haha its ok ….my brother is balding now too and he is like 17…for some guys it comes way early and for others it comes LATE…..lucky guys who dont have it til later…..:)

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