Why Is My Hair Falling ???

Problem by Lauren: Why Is My Hair Falling ???
Its been happening for abour 5 months now, I have misplaced about 1/three of my hair mass, and its exhibiting no indications of stopping. Its all above my head, not just in a single spot, not ‘Patterned’ and its breaking too, as well as my nails. The hairs cling from my head, and arrive out with the slightest contact. I do not process my hair, its not damaged. I am employing the best shampoo’s when I do clean, and am obtaining no allergic response to everything – only issue is now, I have ‘Cradel Cap’ from my lack of washing it. I was checked for Thyroid, Hormones, Lupus, CBC and so forth. All good. Only issue was my Ferritin was lower, 17 … now its twenty five and is nonetheless progressing. I am genuinely thinning, and I am afraid and the Dr’s refuse (or are baffeled) to do any more screening. I am so by itself. Your hair just isn’t going to fall out. It nonetheless grows quickly, as it often has, and I observe around the hairline in which it breaks the most, I have new progress… Its not Alopecia either. Been dominated out. Please aid, and if any ideas – remember to share.
Dermo appointment is Oct 26 – by then I will have no hair … I have been on a very strong mutti Vitamin for three months – no alter, not slowing. I am a really wholesome 29 Y.O woman, no health issues, consume nicely (now), wholesome weight, active.

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Answer by thedistillers27
I began getting prenatal vitamins and it assisted me.

My hair is falling out because I dyed it and I am breastfeeding . SO i have a bunch of hair just falling out. But prior to I received expecting and was having the vitamins, my nails and hair received sooo much far more greater.

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