Why is my hair slipping out from the root?

Concern by mafioso3627: Why is my hair slipping out from the root?
As shortly as spring began my hair started to fall out. There is no a single in my familly that suffers from hair decline or baldness. Also this has by no means happend to me before out of the blue it commences falling out about i belive one hundred hairs or significantly less a day. Im i sheding my thick hair lead to its acquiring hotter out? ????????
Im a male 21 a long time of age.

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Response by Anon
You happen to be probably balding. Just take rogaine and propecia to lessen the results. That or you’re below a good deal of pressure and not ingesting proper.

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  1. Wesley S

    have you been viewing pornography? if you’re not careful your genitals may fall off too.

  2. I honestly don’t no it might just be a way down in the family genes. Or you an go to the doctor and see.

  3. Mitsuki M

    u probaly have alopecia. go to a docter to see whats wrong.

  4. hairloss is a sign of unhealthyness

    you need to speak to your doc about it

  5. go to doctor,but maybe you have a cancer.or you have an Lucina

  6. Oh, are you a dawg? It could be that you have depleted testosterone levels.

  7. smartarse aussie

    It can only fall out from the root, it can’t from the tip……………

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