Why is my hair slipping out?

Issue by Nameless: Why is my hair slipping out?
I am in my teenage years. I have thick, black, wavy hair. I am also a woman. I dropped almost forty-five lbs . a calendar year ago. I understand fat reduction can cause hair decline, but I am continually shedding hair. My fat is also healthy and I do not have any large insulin amounts. I do not indicate a number of strands, but I am losing A Whole lot of hair. It is not incredibly apparent, due to my hair currently being thick. However, I do not want to be bald before I am 30. I eat effectively and am getting all of my vitamins. I comb my hair two times a day and am very mindful when I comb. I clean and condition with only totally natural/normal goods. I do not use any items besides shampoo and conditioner. I clean my hair twice a week, simply because my hair is black. Black hair has a good deal of oils and if it is in excess of-washed, then it turns into dry and loses its elasticity and beauty. I have invested time in investigating hair reduction concepts, and the only a few that could possibly utilize are traction alopecia, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium. Does any person have any concept why my hair is slipping out? Thank you!
By black, I meant black as in the coloration. If it will help, I am Indian.

@Robert, I will not smoke.
@Melissa H: Thanks! I will not feel I have that. When I comb my hair the size of a cup of flour falls out (Bad analogy, I know.) When I wake up there are a handful of strands, but not numerous. When I clean my hair, I lose A Good deal of hair. How do you deal with your alopecia areata?


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Answer by Pamelaah
Two times A 7 days ?! Damn, I wash it each day! With any luck , an individual answers this, I require to know way too 🙂

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