Why men and women free hair soon after coming to US?

Concern by Rajesh: Why individuals unfastened hair right after coming to US?
Hello, I moved into US really recently. At the moment i am in North East Pennsylvania. I don’t know from the working day 1 I am loosing at minimum fifty hairs daily. Is this simply because of the really cold weather conditions or the h2o. Inside a 3 months i come to feel like i became bold. Can a person make sure you support me how can i management my hair reduction. Is there any medicine or treatments … I would genuinely enjoy your aid. thanks in progress.

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Response by martina c
im not positive.. u want to go see a doctor.. it might not have anything to do with you transferring right here

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  1. I am Fireproof <3

    It’s the US… What’d you expect? =/

  2. I don’t think that your hair loss is connected to you moving. Maybe you are just starting to go bald. There are shampoos and other products that re-grow hair. Try rogaine.

  3. you really need to talk to your doctor about this
    it may be an environmental factor

  4. the climate change probably had an effect. and moving to another country probably put you under some stress, which definitely affects your hair. use thickening shampoos and rogaine. good luck.