Why wont my hair hair follicles develop back again?

Concern by Matt: Why wont my hair hair follicles expand again?
So, I am 19 a long time aged, but when I was sixteen in large faculty, I decided to get dreadlocks. Well, that didn’t go so effectively simply because I feel I experienced from traction alopecia, where my hair follicles obtained really damaged and ruined (along hairline and midsection) from undo pressure and styling of the hair. I determined to minimize my hair because of to this issue nine months back, and I have been individual. But I see no results. Not only has my hairline been pulled back substantially, but the whole midsection of my hair is extremely thin and and hair is so brittle and fried it feels like sand paper. It seems like male pattern baldness but its not, the hair loss (traction alopeica) because of to styling just froze, and is trapped with no improvement. Is there in any case that this dilemma can be solved? I can truly feel a light-weight “fuzz” along my hairline in which my hair utilised to expand, but the midsection is still extremely thin and brittle. I’v tried every thing, including healthful diet and physical exercise. I just want it to search standard as prior to.

Many thanks.
btw im male, afro american hair. no impolite solutions thanks
i shampoo and condition my hair 3 occasions a 7 days.

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Reply by amanda b
I’m quite confident that hair follicles never develop back. I damaged my hair follicles when I was a teen from a mixture of bleaching and a significantly less than advisable diet regime and my hair never attained its earlier thickness.

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