Will a protein treatment aid my daughter’s hair?

Query by Pan: Will a protein treatment help my daughter’s hair?
My 7 yr outdated has alopecia and when she gets stressed or unwell has bouts of hair loss. Her type of alopecia is alopecia areata so she has hair decline in patches. College is finding prepared to start below and she is anxious…can I get her to a salon and get a protein remedy to reinforce her hair? Any recommendations on items that will enhance her hair? Thanks for your recommendations.

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Reply by nicole
protien will not support alopecia…it will only help the relaxation of her hair if it is ruined from coloration…if its too broken too considerably protien will make it snap….just use a good conditioner and if you can see the lacking locations of hair whilst her hair is down…put it in a ponytail until the hair grows again

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