Will Allah (SWT) reply my duas?

Query by Cheryl: Will Allah (SWT) response my duas?
I’m genuinely devastated more than this and I am prepared to have a breakdown whenever. I had lengthy, thick and stunning hair and sadly, I have misplaced above 50 % of it. Now my scalp is really seen and it truly is definitely destroying my self-esteem. I am also extremely jealous of women who have these kinds of thick tresses, not like me.

I am planning on remedies to assist regrow my hair but I will also pray to Allah to aid me grow back my hair. But I’m tentative before I can proceedto ask Him for support – what if my duas are not answered since the hair loss is previously occuring in my family members?? I’m the last 1 to have the predicament so I am attempting to protect my remaining hair ahead of it receives also late.

You should, it truly is breaking my heart and soul and I was these kinds of a content individual just before but now I am having doubts about myself in the potential – what if no one particular marries me?? I’ve always wanted to get married for a lengthy time and now I never know if I must imagine in any person wanting to marry m. I have a great deal of hardships already in my life.

Remember to help me. Will Allah (SWT) hear my prayers about my hair decline??

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Answer by nexianas
how will he reply or listen to the prayers when he will not even exist? do you seem like mr cleanse?

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  1. No I’m sorry he isn’t real sweetie. Maybe Santa clause will bring you some hair for Christmas

  2. Perhaps your hair loss is a blessing to bring you back to your Lord and the true meaning of life.

    Hair, skin, limbs, vitality, strength, suppleness, beauty, will all fade.

    They will all go, so worry about the eternal life, not the temporary short material world.

    Worry about your heart more than superficial outward things.

    In Jannah you will be resurrected in PERFECT youth and beauty forever and ever and ever and ever, so why worry about 20 years of beauty when eternity awaits?

  3. Johnathan

    One can only say “Insha’allah” as it’s not in our hands.

    If your hair loss is genetic then it’s likely you’ll not be cured and will need to undergo a hair transplant. Not to worry though as it’s cheap in Pakistan and India from what I hear.

  4. Asalamu alaikum dear sister,
    I’m sorry for this, may Allah make your hair fuller and thicker insha Allah!

    Only Allah knows whether or not He will make your hair grow back again, and if you make du’a to Allah, even if He doesnt answer your du’a, it’s all for the best. According to a Hadith, a Du’a is never left unanswered. But you do not know in which form the answer will take place in. Sometimes, Allah answers your du’a in this life, whether sooner or later….sometimes he answers it in a way u didnt expect AND sometimes He doesnt answer your du’a in this life (because He knows what’s best for you) and you will get reward for making a du’a in the Hereafter. That’s what a scholar on TV said.

    So I personally suggest that you:
    -find out what’s causing the hairloss
    – avoid any habits that cause hairloss
    – adapt and practice stuff that should make your hair grow for example, a healthy diet, with all the required nutrients

    And even if all your hair does fall out in the end, you could try getting hair implants (but find out first if it’s risk free) if you get bald which won’t happen insha Allah.

    hope this helped a bit,
    asalamu alaikum sister xX

  5. Wow sorry to hear. Maybe Allah (SWT) will answer your Du’aa. However, remember, even if it is not answered, that means your reward in the hereafter is much greater

  6. sister, ALLAH always knows what we are doing and what we want to do.he always knows what we want. but before giving us the thing we want ALLAH RABBUL ALAMIN tests us. have faith. say what you want to ALLAH. there is no one else in this world who can help the one who is in trouble. dont forget about your creator when you are in trouble as he is the only one who will help you in your troubles.

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