Will hair loss because of to Shampoo reaction increase back again?

Issue by : Will hair reduction thanks to Shampoo response expand back?
Hi there, I am 19 several years aged with a thick entire head of hair (as every hair dresser tells me). I was advised that the moms facet is the very best to seem at for hair info and my grandpa has respectable sum of hair for a person that is sixty seven(no uncles) so does my fathers side. I have often experienced a delicate scalp and skin (necessary to use non allergenic soaps and laundry detergent my complete existence) and like an fool following getting my haircut I bought http://menshair.about.com/od/mensproductguide/gr/bedhead.htm (both the shampoo and conditioner) I extensively massaged this into my head and allow it sit for a few minutes for about two-3days in a row, I experienced an very irritated scalp- not really irritated but itchy and when i would use a hat or hood and so on it would be uncomfortable (crown area largely) for about a working day or 2, the discomfort has given that subsided nonetheless i even now have a extremely slight itchiness when i touch the crown spot or toss on a hat. I have also discovered some minimal hair reduction on my scalp spot. I know that a reaction to shampoo can trigger this so my query is: Will it return? It’s really small nevertheless I occur to have a double crown so it tends to stand out a small a lot more now.
Additional details: when I operate my hand through my hair in the shower i usually only lose about 4ish hairs and then none when i repeat this. I read through that only about 3% of allergic reactions can trigger scarring which will be permanent hair decline. I guess the ideal way to tell is to wait a thirty day period (i have very quickly increasing hair) however I figured I’d toss up a concern right here and see what comes back


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  1. Stay away from all the normal shampoos,they all(98%)contain SODIUM LAUREL/LAURETH SULFATES,you can go grab your stuff now and check the lable.SLS is used in GARAGE/FLOOR CLEANERS/ECT…many of the chemicals are listed by the FDA and the MSDS as CARCINIGENS!

    Go to the drugstore and buy LOREAL EVERPURE,it is a new line by Loreal that is 100% SULFATE FREE.I’m sure in the next few years,all the companies will be coming out with SLS FREE products,as we are just now finding out just how BAD they are for some people.And the demand for SF will only rise as people get educated about it:-)

    Start taking vitamins too,hair grows from the INSIDE of the body,not the ends…so unless you eat PERFECTLY,your diet is lacking and you need to supplemnet,get OMEGA COMPLEX,BIOTIN(2,500 mgs a day),and a B-COMPLEX,and a MULT VITAMIN.

    If you don’t improve…get a doctors appt,get a check up and your thyroid tested,a bad one can cause hair loss.

  2. Priscilla

    ok This happens to lot of men and women but most likely your hair will grow back because it is a minor chemical reaction. Stop using this product and wait a while if it still doesnt grow back in a about a month or two go to your local doctor to make sure what is actaully going on

  3. yes just use herbal oils and products and ur hair will return back.

  4. capdizzle

    Your hair is doomed. I’m a DR. at UC DAVIS and I see this happening on a regular basis. You should look around online and find if their are any pending law suits that you can be apart of. From now on I recommend that you only use non antibacterial dish washing soap for shampoo. It is safe and will minimize any further hair loss.