Will restarting my thyroid medicine aid my alopecia?

Problem by peroxything –: Will restarting my thyroid medication help my alopecia?
For reasons unidentified I determined I did not “want” my thyroid treatment any longer cause I thought just very good. This was almost a yr in the past. I did not recognize something until finally about two days in the past I discovered many bald spots an speedily learned it was alopecia and is a direct end result of not using my medication. Needless to say I am freaking out and instantly started yet again. So what I want to know is, is it too late? Can somebody give me some excellent news?

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u should never each and every go off them with out chatting to medical professional but u can get bald pactches i have them out line on head u want to see medical doctor u need to have up ur tables i had to get a blood exam to see what likely on if blood count is down it can result in it to physician instructed me i have white signifies on encounter to that how doctor locate out i have a point with my diabetes and my thyroid which also can cose it to im on eltroxin 125 for it my thyroid my good friend had surgical treatment for her with me i rest a decline of a hat when my are down my is below act i cant did any point but rest + over act can trigger it to u really need to go to medical professional

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