will rogaine support regrow hair reduction induced by bleaching?

Query by Michael: will rogaine aid regrow hair loss caused by bleaching?
i over processed my hair and it kinda falling off near the root and i ponder if rogaine for males will aid regrow my hair? i want to know if it’s going to perform or not and no tale plz.

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Solution by Dallas
Bleaching brings about a lot of hurt to the hair and scalp because it truly is these kinds of a harsh chemical. Don’t try to fix that by making use of yet another severe chemical like Rogaine! Rogaine and other minoxidil remedies are for much more innovative hair decline normally induced by alopecia, not by damage from bleaching. In scenario you failed to know, folks who commence employing Rogaine and minoxidil have to keep using it without end! So never start it except if you’ve got tried other methods 1st and you completely want it. Natural vitamins operate to repair hurt brought on by bleaching and make hair cease slipping out. I consider you need a vitamin with biotin, zinc, and other other nutritional vitamins. Use a mild shampoo with nutritional vitamins and minerals in it as well. And no matter what you do, don’t bleach or dye it once more! You also may want to skip making use of the blow dryer.

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