Will showering every single day lead to damage to my hair?

Query by Lea: Will showering each and every day trigger harm to my hair?
I have read it will harm your hair, and I have alopecia ( hair reduction due to either genetics or tension, it really is unfamiliar ) so I am kind of paranoid about my hair now, since it’s finally developing back again. I shower every day, since I have really greasy pores and skin and hair and If I will not I scent and search soiled and my hair feels nasty. I do not use conditioner ( my hair is already gentle sufficient ) and I do not in excess of use shampoo, my hair is just obviously greasy. If showering each and every day does damage my hair, what choices do I have? I tried making use of that dry shampoo spray stuff, it’s gross. I itched my scalp and observed brown flakes of the dried up spray falling out.
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Response by Hmmmm
Never clean your hair each day that makes it greasy and get shampo that treats dry hair

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