Women only would you date a guy with alopecia?

Issue by Kristin: Women only would you day a dude with alopecia?
Okay, so I have a pal with this. For those that do not know what it is, it really is hair decline. He’s experienced it because he is younger but he just shaves his head now and no on genuinely understands he has it or significantly less he tells them. Simply because of this he also does not really have body hair. I advised him some girls like when guys have no entire body hair. Anyways, taking into consideration I presently have a boyfriend, I am just curious are there other girls out there that would day a person with alopecia?

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Solution by Double3641
I understood a man my age (twenty at the time) who was 5’5, skinny and is now balding, and he’s engaged to his girlfriend who he was dating again then almost 4 years back.

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