Would a girl not date me since I have alopecia?

Question by Joe: Would a female not date me since I have alopecia?
Okay, so for people that never know what it, it is hair decline. I’ve had it considering that age four clearly it was seemed at as bizarre until finally I went into higher university and now onto the real entire world. Everybody just assumes I shave my head and will not know or much less I tell them. The reason I can be insecure about this is since I can not develop a beard. I do have eye lashes and eye brows though the eye brows are light-weight and sometimes don’t arrive off truly on digicam. I guess I kinda seem like a young Steve Wilkos but without having the oranage tan. I have no body hair but some women have instructed me they adore that. I nonetheless do not know though, I have only ever experienced one girlfriend which is why I guess I can be insecure about it.

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Reply by myportraitdrawing
A male with alopecia could be desirable, the issue is are YOU eye-catching, even with hair reduction? And if not, how can you increase your seems to be or character so you are a lot more attractive.

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