Would Alopecia areata be a dq for signing up for the armed forces?

Concern by Sas: Would Alopecia areata be a dq for signing up for the military?
essentially its a little patch of baldness on your scalp, that appears randomly, but rarely
technically aa shaves my head, it helps make a patch of baldness.
in fact its can make a patch on your scalp, of complete baldness you would know considering that even if you shave you still can even now see hair in the follicles. Remedies are steroid injections to the location of baldness. Dont fret individuals only function on the scalp location it will not enter your blood stream or everything.
also alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder which assaults hair follicles on your scalp, or anyplace there is hair

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Response by Kojak
NO…..AR 40-501 lists the healthcare problems that would lead to disqualification

AA is not contagious and if you shaved your head probably no a single would even know your experienced it

EDIT…. Detectable not detectable people typically do not treatment….I shaved my head from 1974 thru 1988….nobody cared if it was normal or artificial…. big places of my head had no “hair follicles” no one even questioned

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