Would you date a dude with alopecia?

Question by Kristin: Would you day a guy with alopecia?
I have a good friend with this and was just curious if anyone would date a dude with alopecia? For people of you that will not know what it is, it truly is hair loss but everyone just thinks he shaves. I know he hates the simple fact that he are unable to go hair and isn’t going to actually have really a lot body hair(although he says he has hair down there I wouldn’t know). I advised him I don’t think it’s a massive deal and I do not appear at him different due to the fact of it but I figured possibly I could display him that by generating this and then display him at the finish.

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Response by TSpack
Why would a person care if they have hair or not? I am confident a person would date him. I definatly would not modify my mind about relationship a guy if i identified out he experienced alopecia!

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