Would you date a dude with alopecia?

Issue by Kristin: Would you day a guy with alopecia?
I have a friend with this and was just curious if anyone would date a man with alopecia? For these of you that don’t know what it is, it truly is hair decline but everybody just thinks he shaves. I know he hates the fact that he can not go hair and will not actually have extremely much body hair(even though he says he has hair down there I would not know). I advised him I will not think it’s a large deal and I don’t appear at him distinct because of it but I figured possibly I could demonstrate him that by creating this and then display him at the conclude.

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Reply by Jessie
occasionally when a woman sees a sizzling guy, she automatically thinks omg i like him or love him…but then the a lot more she gets to know him the uglier he will get..becuase of his personality…(not declaring this is wat typically happenss all the time although)
then again when a lady sees a man thats not scorching (im not stating ur pal is hideous becuase he has alopecia, this is just in general) she would feel oh hes just normal, i woudlnt go for him…but then the a lot more she receives to know him…the much more very good searching or amazing he would seem ?(not saying this is wat constantly occurs…just my view)

is it just me that thinks like thiss???

i hope u get wat im trying to say…
notify ur good friend that there are lots of ladies who take into account the persona much more than the looks or what they have or dont have.

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