Would you day a guy with alopecia?

Issue by Kristin: Would you date a male with alopecia?
I have a friend with this and was just curious if any person would day a male with alopecia? For individuals of you that do not know what it is, it is hair decline but absolutely everyone just thinks he shaves. I know he hates the simple fact that he can’t go hair and does not really have extremely considerably human body hair(though he says he has hair down there I would not know). I told him I never believe it really is a large deal and I will not appear at him different due to the fact of it but I figured possibly I could demonstrate him that by making this and then present him at the conclude.

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Solution by RobinsReign
Humphrey Bogart had that……and it did not subject in the the very least. Ladies nonetheless fell all in excess of him and he snagged Lauren Bacall!

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