Y pup has crimson mange which is being taken care of at the vets with aludex?

Query by : Y pup has purple mange which is currently being dealt with at the vets with aludex?
She has experienced 2 out of 4 therapies but it seems like her hair is still thinning. Is this to be predicted? Luckily she has experienced no other facet consequences from the mange these kinds of as sore pores and skin and many others just the hair loss. Very poor mite!!!!!
It is dermodex my pupppy has. Was diagnosed with pores and skin scraping showing the presence of tons of the tiny mites. From what I have heardthe entire litter have it!!

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Answer by squeekers.geo@yahoo.com
Demodicosis, also identified as crimson mange or “demodex”, is a typical skin condition of dogs caused by a microscopic mite referred to as demodex canis. These mites are component of the normal flora of the skin, and are existing in little numbers, so the disease is not contagious.

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  1. MistyDaydogs

    hair lost from mange takes many months to return and you will continue to see hair fall out for some time after meds…there is a specific ‘dip’ that should also be being applied to kill those little buggers and heal the sin…you can’t see the tiny sore areas but they are there and they do hurt and itch like crazypet pro

  2. Are you positive your puppy has “Red” Mange and not Demodex Mange?

    Red Mange is not that common unless it is a really badly bred dog, and even then, the treatment does not often include Aludex.

    This is “Red” Mange:


    This is Demodex Mange, which is very common in puppies:


    Big difference in the quality of life for your dog with these two. Regular Demodex can be easily controlled with a good diet and some oral Ivermectin. Red Mange can be an awful recurring disease that is never really cured completely-it is genetic.

    With Demodex, the hair can continue to fall out for quite some time, depending on how many mites were active before treatment. With Red Mange, the hair loss could be permanent, or it could grow back and be lost again, usually ending in permanent hair loss.

    I would be asking the vet quite a few questions about this diagnosis and treatment, starting with why he thinks it is Demodicosis…..

    ETA: If it is Demodex, there is no reason to be using the chemical your vet has prescribed. Even in more severe cases, oral Ivermectin is efficient in getting rid of the mites, while not eroding away the immune system of a young pup.
    I would not use that treatment on any of my dogs.

    My dog with Demodex was completely bald at 3 months old. She was given oral Ivermectin for two months, at a cost of about $ 15 for three weeks worth of meds. It took seven months for her fur to grow back in, and she has never had a problem since then. If the vet had used a dip on her case, she could have died from the treatment.

    My guy with Demodicosis is kept under control using Revolution. This treatment kills the mites as they awake, so that he doesn’t break out in active Mange very often. A dip on him may have killed him as well.

    Mange is not something to be trifled with. I have known dogs who have died from harsh chemical treatments, because the very nature of Demodex includes a weakened immune system. That is why it is so common in badly bred puppies. The mother is usually not cared for properly, and cannot transfer immunities to her pups. This causes Mange in entire litters.

    I would still get a second opinion. Has your vet talked to you about the importance of a good diet to build the pup’s immune system?