Does biotin cause hair loss and does it assist you unfastened weight?

Query by Christin: Does biotin trigger hair loss and does it help you free excess weight?
I just started out getting biotin on Wednesday I just take 3 drugs of one thousand mcg for each capsule. I have been studying to see if it leads to hair loss, I want to know if it causes hair decline or does it make your hair grow. I want responses from an skilled biotin taker(an individual who has been using biotin for a whilst) also does it support you loose bodyweight?

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Solution by Momo Nya
I’ve been getting biotin since very last 12 months.
I acctually did not free hair.
It depends on how your entire body is, with some people it doesnt operate and with other folks it does.
This summer season i minimize my hair to above my shoulders and it is already developed out to 2inches and fifty percent a inch earlier my shoulders.

and final calendar year i weighed 100pounds, now I’m ninety four lbs.

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