hair implantation is feasible in alopesia areata?

Issue by VIPUL bamaniya: hair implantation is achievable in alopesia areata?
my one cousin sister is sfrng 4m alopesia areata…..n c is having dr.batra’s homeopathy treatment……but not getting gud end result……so plz ij4m me abt hair viewing or hair implantattion in alopesia?

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Hi there~
My son’s Alopecia (at age two) designed into Alopecia Areata Universalis. (Total physique hair reduction). The method of alopecia in straightforward conditions is the hair follicle is squeezed off and goes dormant because of to inflammation.
The identical factor would come about with a hair transplant/implantation I am sorry to say.

I had taken him to derm professionals at Duke College and UNC Chapel Hill and there was no Risk-free or profitable therapy.
But a friend of mine advised an OMD/Chinese Doctor. It took about a month to start off regrowth of hair with this medical professional!! She had him on an natural protocol, used a ‘plum star blossom’ everyday, rubbed ginger root on the head and changed his diet plan off all foods with chemical substances/processed meals. It was not simple but it proved to be the only way.
She experienced informed us that he would require to do all of the over for 2 a long time to ‘cure’ it permanently. She was appropriate!! (He is now 21) Each time he broke the protocol he would loose hair swiftly but restarting the protocol would develop hair yet again. We even now see her (the OMD) for other factors and she is incredible.
If you would like to get in touch with her for therapy feel free of charge to e mail me. She can and will deal with by mobile phone and she is NOT pricey at all.

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